Shefaly Ravula

Shefaly Shah Ravula is a private Indian cooking instructor in the Austin area. Shef (a nickname given to her years before starting in the culinary industry) develops recipes reflecting the cuisine of different regions of India, stemming from her family’s multiple roots and background in India. She also creates recipes using local and seasonal ingredients within Indian and non-Indian cuisine and in her spare time writes a food blog, experimenting with food writing and photography. Shef spends her time with her husband and family, raising her two children and feeding them homemade, from-scratch meals, Indian or not! With one vegetarian and one Paleo in her family, Shefaly tries to prepare well-balanced meals that make everyone happy and healthy. More info on Shef can be found on her website, Shef's Kitchen (, Facebook (, Twitter ( and Pinterest (

Adding flavor to tofu is a snap with this simple video recipe that makes for a delicious main dish or snack.
By: Shefaly Ravula

Shefaly Ravula demystifies the most common types of tofu and makes a tasty smoothie with silken tofu.

This delicious fruit smoothie is dairy free, a snap to make and easily customized with your favorite fruits.
This nutty sauce complements baked tofu, egg rolls, spring rolls or chicken.
A delicious North Indian-style vegetable and tofu curry with a warmly spiced sauce.
This healthful and satisfying salad showcases the flavors of fall with crunchy vegetables and chewy wheatberries.
By: Shefaly Ravula

Shefaly Ravula offers great tips on how to pan-fry tofu for a stir-fry or other dish in this Co+op Kitchen video.

By: Shefaly Ravula

Puzzled by millet? Join Shefaly Ravula for an overview of delicious alternative grains in this Co+op Kitchen video.