co-op stories

For each full-sized grocery bag shoppers bring and use for groceries, the co-op gives 5¢ credit to a community org.Read more
As part of their goal to serve as a hub for the local community, Chatham Marketplace provides art space for local artists.Read more
Mexico visit brings together 3 parts of a cooperative supply chain: farmer co-op, worker-owned co-op, consumer co-op.Read more
One way City Market, Onion River Co-op shows their “concern for community” is through their Member Worker program.Read more
Gandhi said, ‘When they copy your revolution, it’s time to start the next one.’ That’s the have always had.Read more
“Supporting local suppliers is part of our mission,” said David Waisman, finance director of Willy Street Co-op.Read more
Ypsilanti Food Co-op’s local honey project spreads the word about Concern for Community in the sweetest possible way!Read more
Valley Natural Foods' 5K fundraising run is a pillar of their co-op’s values of “family” and “concern for community.”Read more
A 20-family Amish cooperative in northern Iowa supplies organic produce to People's Food Co-op, 60 miles to the north.Read more
Williams College students brought an innovative approach to food assistance to Wild Oats Market and their community.Read more