Bring-a-Bag Gives Back to the Community

Ryan Street Community Garden was Keneeway Co-op’s first Bring-a-Bag fund recipient in 2011.

Keweenaw Co-op's Bring-a-Bag campaign was launched on Earth Day, April 22, 2011. The campaign is the co-op’s way to give back to the community based on shoppers' use of their own sustainable shopping bags instead of the use of plastic or paper bags from the co-op. The fund builds on credits for each bag saved. At the end of each time 6-month collection period, funds are donated to a local organization or project that meets specific selection criteria (the organization must: be a local non-profit, ensure that donated money stays in the community and use the money for a project).

Here’s how Bring-a-Bag works

For each full-sized grocery bag that the co-op doesn’t use, because the shopper provided their own bag, the co-op contributes a credit equivalent to 5¢ to a community project or organization. Two new recipients are selected by the co-op owners at the annual meeting in March for the two 6-month collection periods. The co-op was happy to support the Ryan Street Community Garden in Hancock with the first donation in October 2011. Since then, the co-op has donated money to Omega House, Copper Country Community Arts Center, Bike Finlandia, Barbara Kettle Gundlach Women’s Shelter, Keweenaw Land Trust and 31 Backpacks.

Republished with permission from Keweenaw Co-op.