National Gardening Association

The National Gardening Association (NGA) is a Vermont-based national nonprofit leader in garden-based education. NGA supports, a provider of grants and free materials for educators and families so that they may use gardening as a resource for learning. Our mission is to empower every generation to lead healthier lives, build stronger communities, and encourage environmental stewardship through educational garden programs.

Prevent erosion, improve soil structure and maintain or build soil fertility with cover crops. Check out our tips on how to employ cover crops in your garden.
Fresh tomatoes in the summer can’t be beat. We’ve got tips on growing your own, whether in the garden or on a back stoop.
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Cultivating a love and knowledge of gardening in children is a wonderful thing.
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All About Soil
A healthy soil translates into a healthy garden. But before you begin adding compost, manure, fertilizer, lime, and other soil amendments, you need to know what type of soil you have and its properties.