Michael Paynic

Michael Paynic is a self-taught photographer, cook and food stylist as well as a kitchen supervisor at The Wedge Community Co-op, in Minneapolis, MN. He cooks, styles and photographs food that is not only delicious, but vibrant and beautiful in his blog, In his free time, Michael enjoys gardening.

Want an exceptionally juicy and tender steak for your sandwich? Cook it with this easy and flavorful beer marinade.
Marinated chicken is topped with queso fresco and chismol, a Honduran salsa similar to pico de gallo without the heat.
This Mediterranean-inspired wrap features marinated steak with pickled vegetables and refreshing minted yogurt sauce.
Start your morning right with this flavorful breakfast burrito filled with eggs, beans, mushrooms, spinach and cheese.
Tofu is infused with a flavorful marinade then topped with spicy cabbage and carrot slaw in these tasty wraps.
Grilled shrimp on skewers with a lime wedge
These easy, spicy shrimp are delicious served with rice, corn on the cob or a black bean salad.
This tasty braised chicken is delicious served with garlic mashed potatoes and your favorite oven-roasted vegetables.