Smoky Shrimp Skewers

Recipe Information

Total Time: 

1 hour 10 minutes; 35 minutes active



Shrimp cook quickly, so make sure you have a cool zone on the grill and plenty of smoke flowing before you put them on. You can amp up the smoky taste with a sprinkle of smoked salt, too.


  • 2 pounds large shrimp, peeled and deveined
  • 2 large red bell pepper, cut in 2-inch squares
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 4 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1/4 cup white wine
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • Smoky barbecue sauce, if desired


  • Metal or wooden skewers (soak wooden skewers for an hour before cooking)
  • 2 cups woodchips, soaked in water
  • Spray bottle filled with water
  • Smoker box or foil to make a pouch


  1. In a large bowl, combine the shrimp and peppers with the oil, garlic, wine and salt. Toss to mix well. Let marinate for 20 minutes, then skewer, alternating peppers and shrimp. Place on a baking sheet or plate.
  2. Prepare the grill for smoking (see Tips & Notes for instructions).
  3. When the grill is ready and the cool side of the grate is oiled, place the shrimp on the grate. Be sure to keep the cool side very cool to allow time for the shrimp to be infused with smoky flavor without overcooking. Cover the grill and smoke for 30 minutes, turning once and keeping tabs on the smoke. Don't let the grill get too hot or the shrimp will dry out before absorbing the smoky flavor. If there are flare-ups or the woodchips start burning too fast, spray with water.
  4. Serve with smoky barbecue sauce, if desired.

Tips & Notes

1. Create hot and cool zones

For best smoking results, create hot and cool zones on the grill. The hot zone is where the smoke is created and the food may be seared. The cool zone is where the food is placed to allow the food to cook more slowly and absorb the smoky flavor. If your grill is too small to create both a hot and a cool zone, check your food for doneness earlier as it will cook faster over the high heat

2. Prepare your grill for smoking

Heat the grill

Gas grills: Remove the grate, then turn the gas on high. If your grill has more than one burner, use a single burner on one side. Once the grill is hot, place the smoker box filled with soaked woodchips, or a foil pouch filled with the same, on the hot side of the grill. Replace the grate.

Charcoal grills: remove the grate, pile the charcoal to one side and light it. Heat until it is hot and covered with white ash. Place the smoker box filled with soaked woodchips, or a foil pouch filled with the same, directly on the coals and replace the grate.

Get the woodchips smoking

Allow the woodchips to start smoking. Once you smell the smoke and see wisps of it, you are ready to smoke your food.

3. Smoke your food

Pour a couple tablespoons oil into a cup. Dip a clean paper towel into the oil, hold it with tongs and quickly oil the cool side of the grate (if there are no hot and cool zones on your grill, oil wherever you plan to place the food). Place the food on the oiled grate and quickly cover the grill to allow the food to cook and absorb the smoky flavor.

4. Keep the flames in check

Have a spray bottle of water ready to douse out any flare-ups.

Nutritional Information

121 calories, 2 g. fat, 191 mg. cholesterol, 877 mg. sodium, 4 g. carbohydrate, 1 g. fiber, 21 g. protein