GreenTree Co-op Market

410 West Broadway
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858
United States
(989) 772-3221

GreenTree is a cooperatively owned grocery store located in Mt. Pleasant, MI. We are open to the public and everyone is welcome to shop. Our goal is to provide healthy, earth-friendly food that meets high quality standards and to provide information and education to the people of Mid Michigan. We believe in supporting local farmers and producers, and in helping people to make informed choices about their own health and their impact on the greater environment.

Ends policies are a set of statements explaining why an organization exists, and what its goals are. These are GreenTree’s ends:

  1. GreenTree Cooperative Grocery exists so that there is a healthy community exemplifying Cooperative Principles & Values.
  2. People have access to food and products that meet their health needs, including organic, non-GMO, locally-produced, and responsibly-sourced.
  3. Our Owners have the opportunity to participate in a democratic process.
  4. Our community benefits from GreenTree being an exemplary employer.
  5. We have a strong local economy.
  6. Our community is educated.
  7. Our environment is positively impacted.