Megan Dorn

Megan Dorn didn't grow up eating local and organic food. Fish sticks and frozen pizzas were common and homemade meals often meant meat with condensed cream of mushroom soup. With a degree in journalism and a stint as a writer, Megan soon discovered her passion for healthy food and enrolled in culinary school. Megan, who was once intimidated by cooking, now enjoys sharing her knowledge with others to make all types of cooking more accessible. She currently works as pastry chef.

Pie is one of those all-American, all-seasons treats that is always better homemade. It is also incredibly versatile.
Tart cranberries are brought to life with the warm, citrusy notes of orange.
Potatoes are a classic companion to hearty, healthy kale in this savory tart.
This sumptuous custard pie highlights eggnog's warm, spicy flavors.
The tanginess of goat cheese balances out the sweetness of the figs in these sweet and savory turnovers.
A tender, flaky pie crust is the foundation for an infinite number of recipes, both savory and sweet.