Johnny Livesay

Johnny Livesay is co-founder and Kitchen Team Leader at the Black Star Co-op Pub & Brewery ( in Austin, TX. He has been active in the co-op movement for over the past decade, working several positions at the Wheatsville Food Co-op, as well as serving on both co-ops Boards of Directors. Johnny lives in South Austin with his wife and three cats.

By: Johnny Livesay

Learn how to cook the perfect steak with Johnny Livesay. Whether you’re grilling or pan searing, this Co+op Kitchen video will show you tips for cooking a delicious steak.

A good pan sauce adds dimension of flavor to meat and poultry dishes. This red wine sauce complements any red meat.
By: Johnny Livesay

Learn how to choose the right cut of steak from Johnny Livesay in this Co+op Kitchen video.

By: Johnny Livesay

Johnny Livesay talks about how a pan sauce can take your dish to the next level.