Hilah Johnson

Hilah Johnson started HilahCooking ( in January 2010 with her partner Christopher Sharpe. They produce two fun and educational cooking videos a week and she has written four cookbooks so far. Her focus is mostly on simple recipes with a Texas touch that cooks of all skill levels can create at home with confidence. She’s been featured in Nylon magazine, the Austin Chronicle, Houston Press, Forbes, and Austin 360 and made appearances on KEYE and FOX news. In late 2011, she won the YouTube Next Chef competition. Most recently, she spoke on video production at the Longhouse Writer’s Revival. In addition to cooking and teaching, she enjoys long walks, chips and salsa, drinking beer, and bringing home stray dogs.

By: Hilah Johnson

Hilah Johnson takes us on a world tour of rice varieties, beyond white and brown, in this Co+op Kitchen video.

A crunchy cornmeal coating and some under ripe tomatoes are the basis for Hilah Johnson's fried green tomatoes.
By: Hilah Johnson

Hilah Johnson reviews different oils and their uses in baking, frying and salad dressings in this Co+op Kitchen video.

This deliciously simple recipe combines blanched veggies and a fresh tomato sauce for a delicious and colorful pasta dish.
Leftover beans and rice are the basis for Hilah Johnson's easy veggie burgers.
By: Hilah Johnson

Learn how to blanch vegetables for freezing or cooking with Hilah Johnson in this Co+op Kitchen video.