Co+nvergence Donation Pledges

By: Co+op

North American Traditional Indigenous Food Systems (NĀTIFS) is the 2023 Co+nvergence beneficiary.

Pledge your Donation

Email us using this link to pledge your support. Those who pledge will be invoiced for their donation after Co+nvergence.

Co-ops have a special incentive to take advantage of brands’ Co+nvergence show deals, as each case of product ordered contributes toward the amount donated to the beneficiary. NCG as an organization makes a donation, too, and we encourage brands and industry partners to join us in this important fundraising effort.


NĀTIFS was founded by Chef Sean Sherman, the James Beard and Julia Child award-winning co-founder of The Sioux Chef and the restaurant Owamni. Dedicated to addressing the economic and health crises affecting Native communities by re-establishing Native foodways, NĀTIFS imagines a North American food system that generates wealth and improves health in Native communities through food-related enterprises.

NĀTIFS has opened the Indigenous Food Lab, a professional Indigenous kitchen and training center covering all aspects of food service: research and development; Indigenous food identification, gathering, cultivation and preparation; and all components of starting and running a successful culinary business based around Native traditions and Indigenous foods.

Reclamation of ancestral education is a critical part of reversing the damage of colonialism and forced assimilation, and food is at the heart of this reclamation. NĀTIFS will drive sustainable economic empowerment and prosperity into tribal areas through a reimaged North American food system that also addresses the health impacts of injustice.

NCG selects a mission-driven organization as the beneficiary of a collaborative fundraising effort during each Co+nvergence, our annual grocery and wellness conference and tradeshow. Recent partners include National Black Food & Justice Alliance and National Farm to School Network.