farm bill

Requires meat and poultry corporations and industrial operators to submit disaster preparedness plans, which would shift responsibility for responsible...Read more
Creates new USDA grant and loan guarantee programs for composting infrastructure projects. Prioritizes projects that create inclusive hiring and leadership...Read more
I ncreases landowners’ incentives to protect important wildlife habitat and help slow climate change, while also improving access to farmland for new and...Read more
Provides vital assistance to farmers affected by PFAS by authorizing grants for states to provide financial assistance to affected farmers, expand monitoring...Read more
Gives farmers the tools they need to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040 by increasing research, improving soil health, protecting farmland,...Read more
Increases funding for organic research and supports applied research projects that solve problems faced by organic producers.Read more
Supports farmers who wish to transition to organic practices and empowers organic producers by reducing cost barriers and expanding access to new resources,...Read more
Allows households with children with chronic medical conditions to deduct allowable medical expenses.Read more
Makes SNAP benefits more robust and easily available for older individuals.Read more
Enables Puerto Rico to participate as a state in SNAP.Read more