Tova Ng

A California native with a Southern heart for hospitality, Tova Ng graduated from the University of Texas with a concentration in Biological Science, but found her true passion in the Culinary Arts. Influenced most by her grandmothers’ cooking, Ng’s culinary style is Asian cuisine that incorporates French technique. She believes in sourcing locally, sustainable cooking, and that food made from the soul is the key to world peace. Tova received her training from the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu in Austin, graduating with highest honors. In 2011, Ng and her partner Paul started their own mobile catering company, Fresh Off the Truck ( Fresh Off the Truck is also included in the lineup of Season 3’s Food Network’s Cooking Channel television show, “Eat St.” Tova loves dogs and all cute animals, cooking, music, dancing, and playing the piano.

By: Tova Ng

Tova Ng introduces one of the most common (and delicious) staples in Japanese cooking-miso-in this Co+op Kitchen video.

This bright sauce is a delicious complement to any seafood or chicken.
Miso adds umami to this simple miso-glazed salmon with an optional ginger beurre blanc sauce.