Wedge Linden Hills

3815 Sunnyside Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55410
United States
(612) 922-1159

Linden Hills Co-op began in 1976 with $387 in the bank and a passionate group of volunteers who had a vision for how a co-op could build community. Over the next decade, the store would continue to outgrow its space, seek community contributions to support its growth and provide member benefits in return for volunteer hours.

With larger space and higher sales in the mid-1990s, the co-op was able to turn its focus to supporting a community that helped it grow from humble beginnings. The green patch program, introduced in 1996, rewarded members for bringing their own bags by giving them the option to donate 5 cents for each reused bag to a local environmental charity. In 1999, the co-op introduced a carnival as a fundraiser for Joyce Food Shelf.

In 2005, the co-op opened a second branch of its business–Linden Hills Natural Home. The store had a variety of natural home needs from gardening tools to cleaning supplies. At one point, the store also sold electric cars!

In 2010, the co-op moved to its current location on Sunnyside Avenue. And in 2017, the Wedge and Linden Hills Co-op came together in a historic, cooperative consolidation to form one business. Each bringing over four decades of experience connecting people to local growers, suppliers, farmers and producers with health, sustainability, ethics and community in mind. Together we are building community by developing a strong, local, food system.