Mariposa Food Co-op

4824 Baltimore Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19143
United States
(215) 729-2121

Mariposa Food Co-op is a member-owned retail natural foods cooperative in West Philadelphia. We are open to the public and encourage everyone to join the co-op for a variety of benefits.

Mariposa was founded in 1971 when several buying clubs in our neighborhood merged and eventually bought a small storefront. In 2012 we renovated, restored and moved into a historic bank that was built in 1921. Since then our staff has grown to 55 people, and we have over 2100 members.

We carry a wide range of natural, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, whole-grain, low sodium, grass-fed, free-range, local, fair-trade and small producer products. We work hard to offer quality and affordability. In addition to the store, we offer educational programs, support local organizations, partner with like-minded organizations, offer youth internships and much more!

Our Mission:

Mariposa Food Co-op strives to provide residents of West Philadelphia and beyond with access to and information about food, especially healthy, locally grown or otherwise sustainably produced products. Our primary activity is running a food co-op owned by those who shop there, who actively participate in its governance and operations on an egalitarian consensus-seeking basis. Mariposa is organized according to the principles of the international cooperative movement.