Earth-Friendly Celebrations

By: Co+op

Throwing a party? Make it a celebration of your event and the environment! Whether you’re hosting a big wedding or an intimate dinner party, a green celebration can be creative, thoughtful and memorable.

You're invited!

Save energy and paper by sending e-vites or recycling old cards, magazines, and other paper products to create unique homemade invitations. If you’re ordering invitations, request 100% recycled paper.

At your service

Paper plates and plastic utensils may seem easier, but using non-disposable plates and utensils not only looks nicer—it’s also cheaper and more earth-friendly. Try creating mismatched place settings from your own and others’ cabinets to add some charm to your table.

Better yet, stick with finger foods that won’t require plates and utensils.

If you do use disposable dishes, look for eco-friendly options with labels such as “biodegradable” or “100% recycled content.” To cut down on waste, ask guests to mark their cups when they arrive; colorful markers or pens can turn it into a creative opportunity!

Menu matters

Look for fresh, local, organic food and drinks at your food co-op. If you're hiring a caterer or baker, find one who offers organic and local foods. Your food co-op may offer catering services or recommendations.

If you have leftovers, donate them to your local soup kitchen or food-rescue organization, rather than letting them go to waste. If you have access to city composting facilities (sometimes called “organics recycling”) be sure to provide your guests with a bin for compostable items as well as a trashcan. Most city organics recycling systems can take anything that’s biodegradable, including compostable plastic utensils and cups. If you have your own compost pile, be sure to clue guests in that any meat or dairy scraps should be tossed, rather than composted.

Celebrate your success

There are tons of ways to make any celebration earth-friendly—even small efforts like arranging carpools, using solar patio lights, or recycling wrapping paper and ribbon make difference. Perhaps a celebration of your efforts is in order!