Around the World in 7 Recipes

By: Co+op

Between work, chores and Zumba, it can be hard to find the time to read Jules Verne’s Around the World in 80 Days, much less make the tour. Fortunately, we’ve found a shortcut to worldly adventure – and it’s right in your kitchen. Just cook a dish from a different country every day for a week, and let your senses transport you around the globe.

To help you on your way, we’ve set you up with an itinerary of seven great global recipes. We guarantee it’ll be better than airplane food, and you’ll love the added legroom.

Day 1: Korea

Imagine splashing waterfalls, grassy hills and neon-lit cities. Congratulations! You’ve just conjured Korea. It’s a country with a rich tradition of rice bowls, ramens and spicy-garlicky kimchi. Start off your culinary journey with bibimbap (say “bee-bim-bop”)—a bowl of seasoned veggies and a fried egg served over sticky rice. It’s fun to say, and even more fun to eat! Bimbimbap Recipe

Day 2: Japan

The Land of the Rising Sun may be known for its pagodas, cherry blossoms and snow-capped mountains, but our taste buds know Japan as a land of clean, balanced flavors. You’ve likely sampled light dishes like sushi, miso soup or sashimi, washed down with a delicate cup of sencha or sake. Now try whipping up a refreshing batch of seaweed-citrus salad. Orange Wakame Salad Recipe

Day 3: India

Next stop: Land of the Maharajas! Fill your kitchen with the bold aromas, colors and flavors of India's bustling spice markets.  Begin unlocking the mysteries of creating great curry with this fabulous mixed vegetable curry with tofu. Mixed Vegetable Curry with Tofu Recipe 

Day 4: The Mediterranean 

Four days into our journey we come upon pastel-hued villages, turquoise waters and some of the most healthful cooking in the world. Mediterranean cuisine plays lightly with its vibrant palette of olive oil, seafood, cheeses, yogurt and abundant vegetables. Try a taste of the Mediterranean’s western region with this Moroccan-inspired couscous. Couscous with Feta and Toasted Pine Nuts Recipe  

Day 5: Scandinavia 

Lingonberries–we could probably just stop there, but we know you’re hungry for more. Scandinavian dishes may be simple in composition, but don’t let that fool you. Fresh, pure ingredients like cured fish, mild cheeses, berry jams and dill are carefully combined to create outstanding eats. For our final destination, let’s skip the lutefisk and opt instead for a Nordic-style salmon dish: Salmon Gravlax with Fresh Dill  (Note: this recipes requires 2-3 days curing time, so be sure to plan this day of your trip accordingly.)

Day 6: West Africa 

From Senegal to Cameroon, there are plenty of culinary creations to explore along Africa’s western coast. Introduce yourself to perhaps unfamiliar ingredients like plantains, cassava, millet and okra. This sweet potato maafe—a filling stew flavored with peanut butter and tomatoes—is super nutritious and oh-so tasty too. Sweet Potato Maafe Recipe  

Day 7: Bolivia

Next, steer your kitchen to Bolivia, home of high-altitude South American cuisine where the locals make expert use of ingredients of the ancient Incas like potatoes, peppers, quinoa and corn. We highly recommend trying out this hearty Bolivian quinoa stew during your "stay" today! Bolivian Quinoa Stew Recipe

Phew! That's a lot of culinary miles traveled, and there are so many more wonderful recipes to explore around the globe. What will be your next adventure?