Sarah Mandel

Lifetime cooperator, food and fiction writer, gardener, committed to walking with beauty.

Cast iron skillet with broccoli, bok choy, tofu, carrot stir-fry
What's the key to making a terrific, flavorful stir-fry? Writer Sarah Mandel breaks it down.
While not quite as delectable as a trip to the tropics, this tropical pudding is sure to delight.
Sun-dried tomatoes warm up this butternut squash soup with a taste of summer.
Sun-dried tomatoes. It’s warming just to think how the same bright summer heat that ripened the fruit can still broadcast its warmth in the off season.
No need to sacrifice flavor in this delicious dairy-free apple pie. A whole wheat crust and unpeeled apples gives this pie a nutritional boost (and makes preparation even easier!).
This tasty sweet potato pie has less added sugar and fat than traditional versions, without sacrificing flavor. It's easy to make and is a perfect holiday dessert.
Bowl of Fuyr persimmons
The carrot colored flesh was crisp at first, a yielding crunch which then gave way to a marvelous sweetness, almost butterscotch. It went down easy and left you ready for more.
Sure, you say. I’d like to have a garden, but I don't have a yard, I only have a window ledge, and my thumb is anything but green. How can I grow vegetables?