Charlie Wilson

A lifelong resident of Texas Charlie Wilson was born and raised in College Station, Texas. Charlie has been interested in food since he was a young child and entered the restaurant business at age 15, working his way up from dishwasher to line cook to saute cook. Charlie got hands on experience in some of the finer kitchens in Austin and Dallas and handled the high tension of numerous kitchens by mixing in his other passion of playing music in bands around Austin and touring throughout the south and East Coast. Finding this balance between music and cooking has helped Charlie excel in both fields. Now with his lovely fiancée by his side, and peace in his life, Charlie is looking to take his life lessons learned in the kitchen and on the road and help others develop their passions as well.

By: Charlie Wilson

Charlie Wilson talks about the basic elements of a marinade in this Co+op Kitchen video.

This chilled pasta salad is great for hot summer days, and easy to customize with your favorite vegetables.
By: Charlie Wilson

Charlie Wilson offers tips and tricks for choosing and cooking the right pasta and makes a simple pasta salad.

This simple marinade will add a fresh herb flavor to your favorite meats, tofu, and veggies.