Barth Anderson

Barth Anderson is a former chief blogger at Fair Food Fight and current Communications Specialist at Seward Community Co-op in Minneapolis, MN. He has roughly 20 years experience with the natural foods industry, working as grocery stocker, produce buyer, marketer, and organic certification coordinator at various natural foods co-ops across the country. Barth is also the author of two novels, The Patron Saint of Plagues and The Magician and the Fool.

I’m here to testify about the day I ate The Local Nectarine That Changed My Life.
"Whoa. This is organic?" he said. He pulled out another peach and ate it immediately.
I remember we were sitting at the big, wooden table in the kitchen and my roommates were praising Betsy. But I was too busy having my mind blown. It was one of those moments where a few words set off an avalanche of questions.